Thursday, October 3, 2013

Upclose and Personal Project

After we were assigned the "Whats the Point?" Project we had to come up with ideas for an Upclose and Personal theme but we also had to use emphasis. Some of my ideas were like a butterfly sitting on flowers (the butterfly would have been blue to show emphasis), an old playground that everyone seems to forget, and of course a frog in the grass. When I was just sketching my idea in my sketchbook it took me a while to find the right medium and my emphasis. Eventually, I thought that I could show my emphasis by making the frog's eyes red and everything else would be green so the eyes would pop out. At first I thought I would use oil pastels as my medium but after I used it I did not like it. So I ended up using chalk for my medium which became REALLY messy. After I finished my frog picture I was told by Mr. Sands that I needed to get the frog to be more up close. So I did another drawing with the frog closer up and afterwards Mr. Sands thought that I could use both of the pictures that I had drawn to be my final project, as if the frog was getting closer, but it needed one more picture. So I spent some time drawing the last picture which was of the frog really far away in the grass. After I finished my 3 drawings it needed a background so I had chosen black to be my background so I had put a black background into every picture which took a lot of time and got really messy.

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