Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's the point?

In class the other day, we were given a theme and a topic to draw for our first class assignment. The theme of the project was "Whats the Point?" and our topic was Contrast. Some of my solutions for the project were a question mark with arrows pointing to it, a person pointing, a bumble bee with a kind of pointy stinger, and a sword. In the end, of course, I chose the bumble bee mainly because I thought it would be intresting to draw and I really didn't like my other ideas. I used contrast with the bee and the flowers so it would also be easier to see the bee. I had put a lot of darker value on the bee to make it pop out more and I put lighter value on the flowers, grass, and clouds. I decided to use the charcoal pencils for my project. I chose the charcoal pencils over the charcoal because it helped create thin lines that I probably would not be able to do with just charcoal. I chose the charcoal pencils over the pen because I wanted to use more value and it would be hard for me to incorporate value with a pen. There was one main technique that I used through my drawing which was value. Value had really helped me bring the objects into a more 3D shape.

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