Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sticky Gum Situation

As we begin our third project for Visual Arts 3, we were told to create a art painting that is a sticky situation and has repetition. Some of my ideas for this were honey, gum stuck on a shoe, and later I thought of doing the evil witch in Snow White (shown below) which was more outside the box because it wasn't actually a sticky object. It is funny how I came up with the idea because when I was reading Snow White to my little cousin I wasn't really thinking about my art project until a few days later when I was trying to come with ideas my cousin brought it up again.
I had decided to go with the gum idea because I thought it would be easier. To show that I had repetition for my gum idea I had to put more gum on the ground and on the shoe.  I also had decided to go with acrylic paint because it seemed to be easier to me than water color paint. At first, the gum was just not looking realistic and it was challenging for me to find the right color I had used before so I just repainted the gum and added value to it during the process. I thought I was successful with the shoe because of the value in it and how I angled it.