Monday, January 13, 2014

Superman and the broken world

When Mr. Sands told us what our next theme would be, I was not sure on what to do. He showed our class some examples and then I got the idea of superman holding the world. It shows scale and proportion because superman body is bigger in scale than the world. For this project, I decided to use clay because I thought it would be easy to use and it wouldn't take that much time. I began with creating the world and then I started making superman. The one problem I had was that Superman's arms kept falling off and it wouldn't hold the world. After I finally finished my clay sculpture, it was time to put it in the kiln. I was hoping that all I had to do left was paint it but I was wrong, the world had exploded and Superman's arms fell off in the kiln. So when I got back the pieces, I had to superglue them together. This was like solving a really hard and long puzzle. A few hours after I super glued the pieces, I realized part of the world must have burned off in the kiln so it looks broken. In my opinion, I actually think it looks cooler and adds more question to it.