Monday, January 13, 2014

Superman and the broken world

When Mr. Sands told us what our next theme would be, I was not sure on what to do. He showed our class some examples and then I got the idea of superman holding the world. It shows scale and proportion because superman body is bigger in scale than the world. For this project, I decided to use clay because I thought it would be easy to use and it wouldn't take that much time. I began with creating the world and then I started making superman. The one problem I had was that Superman's arms kept falling off and it wouldn't hold the world. After I finally finished my clay sculpture, it was time to put it in the kiln. I was hoping that all I had to do left was paint it but I was wrong, the world had exploded and Superman's arms fell off in the kiln. So when I got back the pieces, I had to superglue them together. This was like solving a really hard and long puzzle. A few hours after I super glued the pieces, I realized part of the world must have burned off in the kiln so it looks broken. In my opinion, I actually think it looks cooler and adds more question to it.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Eminem out of M&Ms

 As we begin our next project we were told to create a portrait using a medium we have never used before (ex. coffee beans, toast, apple juice). It took me a whole day to think of 3 ideas which were Obama made out of beans, my cousin out of old dresses, or Eminem out of M&Ms. I really liked my last idea the best, although I knew it was going to be hard. I had asked my friend Rocio if she wanted to work with me for this project and she said no....just kidding! After we decided we were partners, I still was not sure if the M&M
project would be such a good idea so I asked Rocio what she had wrote for her ideas. She thought of doing Ed Sheeran,the girl fromthe book thief, Harry Potter, Moose from the Step up movies, and some other people I don't really remember. We looked up all these things and we thought it would be cool if we did Moose but it was hard for us to come up with a cool medium to use with him, so we just went back to our other idea with Eminem out of M&Ms. We began with sorting out the M&Ms so it would be easier for us. Then we started hot gluing his shirt and his jacket. After this, we needed a skin color M&Ms so I went out and bought some spray paint. I had spray painted  some  at
home that day and some of them got ruined so we had to spray paint them again at school. I would say that spray painting was our biggest challenge in this project. Almost everyday that we had spray painted outside, it was FREEZING!!! So the M&Ms took a long time to dry (almost the whole class period) and some of them didn't turn out good so we had to spray paint them again. After we had spray painted all the M&Ms we needed for his skin color, we had to find the right color to make it look like there is value to his face. The problem was we could  not  find  the  right 
color spray paint that was between his skin color and a khaki color; so we decided not to add value to his face. Also during this time, we had put down some mini M&Ms for his eyes, ears and mouth to make the ears look like they were more real and so the eyes could have more detail in it. We then decided to use the khaki color for his hair and eyebrows. All we had left was to do his nose. This was probably the hardest part out of the whole portrait because we didn't know how to add value
to the nose without a color that is between the skin color and the khaki color. So we ended up putting mini M&Ms that were spray painted to a khaki color around the border of his nose. If it wasn't for the nose and the mouth looking a little "different", I would say it turned out pretty good!  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sticky Gum Situation

As we begin our third project for Visual Arts 3, we were told to create a art painting that is a sticky situation and has repetition. Some of my ideas for this were honey, gum stuck on a shoe, and later I thought of doing the evil witch in Snow White (shown below) which was more outside the box because it wasn't actually a sticky object. It is funny how I came up with the idea because when I was reading Snow White to my little cousin I wasn't really thinking about my art project until a few days later when I was trying to come with ideas my cousin brought it up again.
I had decided to go with the gum idea because I thought it would be easier. To show that I had repetition for my gum idea I had to put more gum on the ground and on the shoe.  I also had decided to go with acrylic paint because it seemed to be easier to me than water color paint. At first, the gum was just not looking realistic and it was challenging for me to find the right color I had used before so I just repainted the gum and added value to it during the process. I thought I was successful with the shoe because of the value in it and how I angled it.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Upclose and Personal Project

After we were assigned the "Whats the Point?" Project we had to come up with ideas for an Upclose and Personal theme but we also had to use emphasis. Some of my ideas were like a butterfly sitting on flowers (the butterfly would have been blue to show emphasis), an old playground that everyone seems to forget, and of course a frog in the grass. When I was just sketching my idea in my sketchbook it took me a while to find the right medium and my emphasis. Eventually, I thought that I could show my emphasis by making the frog's eyes red and everything else would be green so the eyes would pop out. At first I thought I would use oil pastels as my medium but after I used it I did not like it. So I ended up using chalk for my medium which became REALLY messy. After I finished my frog picture I was told by Mr. Sands that I needed to get the frog to be more up close. So I did another drawing with the frog closer up and afterwards Mr. Sands thought that I could use both of the pictures that I had drawn to be my final project, as if the frog was getting closer, but it needed one more picture. So I spent some time drawing the last picture which was of the frog really far away in the grass. After I finished my 3 drawings it needed a background so I had chosen black to be my background so I had put a black background into every picture which took a lot of time and got really messy.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's the point?

In class the other day, we were given a theme and a topic to draw for our first class assignment. The theme of the project was "Whats the Point?" and our topic was Contrast. Some of my solutions for the project were a question mark with arrows pointing to it, a person pointing, a bumble bee with a kind of pointy stinger, and a sword. In the end, of course, I chose the bumble bee mainly because I thought it would be intresting to draw and I really didn't like my other ideas. I used contrast with the bee and the flowers so it would also be easier to see the bee. I had put a lot of darker value on the bee to make it pop out more and I put lighter value on the flowers, grass, and clouds. I decided to use the charcoal pencils for my project. I chose the charcoal pencils over the charcoal because it helped create thin lines that I probably would not be able to do with just charcoal. I chose the charcoal pencils over the pen because I wanted to use more value and it would be hard for me to incorporate value with a pen. There was one main technique that I used through my drawing which was value. Value had really helped me bring the objects into a more 3D shape.